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Perfect Glass Solutions

Having glass that is aesthetically, functionally and economically perfect plays a pivotal role in having a comfortable home. An ideal glass can potentially save you from high energy bills.

PG Windows offers an optimum quality glass range that is suitable for both doors and windows. Strong enough to withstand the obstinate climate conditions and intruders, the glass provides you with sound and safe interior environment.

Our Assortment of Glass

Glass Parallax
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Float Glass

Float Glass is colourless, transparent and high-quality glass ensuring 100% distortion-free vision due to the accurate flatness. It offers little resistance to solar heat gain and glare in buildings. PG Windows provides advanced quality glass that has become a prominent choice for architectural constructions, showcases, and for home or shop windows.

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Toughened Glass

As the name suggests, toughened glass is float glass that undergoes a series of controlled thermal treatment which increases its strength and durability.

It is approximately four times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration. It is a popular choice when it comes to choosing a stringent and secure glass. It is difficult to break or penetrate. Though toughened, it still delivers on its light transmittance and solar radiant heat properties.

Laminated Glass Image

Laminated Glass

Popularly known as safety glass, Laminated Glass is manufactured when a layer of polyvinyl butyric (PVB) is treated and sandwiched, as interlayer, in-between two or more glass panes.

Laminated glass is best known for its resistance towards absorbing a hit and keeping the glass together. Such glass is widely used to stop intruders.

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Low-e Glass

Low-e stands for low emissivity. It is a glass that has a microscopically thin and transparent coating. It dramatically reduces the amount of heat conducted through the glass. The low level of emissivity improves the insulating properties of the window. Thus the low-e coating is developed to keep homes or any space safe from changing temperatures.

It minimizes the amount of UV and infrared light that passes from a window without compromising on the amount of visible light transmittance. They perform best when installed with Insulated Glass Units (in double glazed windows and doors)